Dog Walking Prices and Rates

Dog Walking

Length of Time Number of Dogs Price
Prices in Malvern area
1 + Hour Walk 1 Dog £10.00
1+ Hour Walk 2 Dogs £15.00


Malvern Walkies will walk your dogs with friendly dogs so they can enjoy the interaction and socialisation.

Please get in touch to book Malvern Walkies to walk your dog(s).

Time spent travelling to pick up or drop off our dogs isn't charged. You only pay for the time we spend walking your dogs - the full hour.


Location Price
Malvern Area From £10 per hour walk
Pup visits Malvern From £8 per 20 minute visit

Malvern Walkies can also visit your dog and let them out to toilet, keep them company and clean up after them.

Please get in touch for more details, or to book a visit.