About me.

Hi, my name is Jayne.
I am married with two grown up sons

After many years of working in aspects of the retail and service industries, I feel it is now time to relocate my client/customer based skills into my own business.

Throughout my life-time since early childhood dogs have featured.  They are and have been a part of my family.  So I understand owners' worries and reluctance to trust others with their precious pals. 

At Malvern Walkies your dogs will be treated with the same loving care and patience as my own dogs. All but one being rescue dogs, sometimes a challenge, but always worth the time, love and effort.

Nothing makes me happier than to see a happy smiling dog running, playing and enjoying their walkies. So be rest assured that my aim is for your dog to benefit physically, mentally and socially from their time spent with Malvern Walkies.

In my experience dogs that are regularly exercised and have a regular routine are happier and far less problematic in their behaviour. If not, boredom sets in and manifests itself in many ways, for example chewing, barking excessively messing in the house etc..

A regular exercise routine can help to alleviate this.  Owners will feel less guilty if they know that their dogs are being occupied and stimulated whilst they are at work or out.


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SDL Photography (UK)

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