Six years!

Well, 6 years have flown by. The business has grown considerably. So much so, my husband,  Simon,  has joined too. Which is great, the dogs love him and the feeling is mutual.  We are able to take more dogs on rather than turn them away, which I hated doing due to being full.

We are exploring the Malven Hills which the dogs love to do no matter what the weather! Simon is a great photographer and loves taking pictures of the dogs on their walks which we regularly post on facebook and twitter. Their happy faces say it all.

New pup.

Welcome to our youngest member of Malvern Walkies. Mr Q!


New dogs join Malvern Walkies.

We have had four new dogs join us in the past few weeks. They are fab and fun to walk. All have soon learned that Jayne and Simon mean walkies and fun play with all the pals they could wish for! The socialisation that these young dogs are experiencing is invaluable. They are mixing with dogs of all ages and sizes and with different ways and temperaments and learning who plays, who sniffs and who spies the squirrels up the trees and barks at them.

Green Dog Walkers.

Just signed up to MHDC Green Dog Walkers campaign. Very good idea in my book. I always carry lots poo bags with me obviously and offer people some if they forget theirs or run out, which can happen quite often. Cleaning up after your dog is part and parcel of dog ownership.  If you are not prepared to clean up then think twice about owning a dog.  Think about it, if we all left it then you'd be knee deep before you know it. As the campaign says: leave only paw prints on your walk.

Recent snow.



These lovely pictures of snowy dogs and scenes were taken by my husband at Peachfield common.

Coming up to 5 years!

Well, I can't believe it. In a couple of weeks it will be 5 years that I made the decision to turn my dog walking into a professional business.

Welcome to a new dog.

A big welcome to the latest member of Malvern Walkies pack.

Basic first aid for dogs

I have been studying basic first aid for dogs as recommended  by the Blue Cross animal charity.

It is a very interesting and informative guide that gives practical and straightforward instructions for dealing  with  all sorts of accidents and problems that might befall a dog. I feel more confident in dealing with certain situations now knowing that I have the guide to hand.  I am also trying to find a local vet or course that might give me some sort of certification after a period of study and practice for dog first aid, no luck yet though, I shall keep looking though.


Car search over.

I have managed to find another car at last.  It is ideally suited for my requirements.  It is a diesel Ford Focus estate car with ample room for everything.

Few miles on the clock but well serviced over the years.  I am hoping to acquire some advertising stickers or a door magnet to advertise Malvern Walkies everywhere I go.

So no more worrying about fitting dogs in! By the way the dogs will travel in style! The car is air conditioned so when its warm, the dogs won't bake.


My search for another car

Have been trawling the internet looking for a suitable replacement car.   Need a larger vehicle to accommodate dogs, mine is a little small, maybe 3 at a push.

More difficult than I had hoped for, preferably an estate car, diesel or small petrol engine, reliable and good old workhorse.  No chance at moment, either too many miles, too big an engine.

Or the colour green! Not keen on green I'm afraid.  Just have to keep looking for now and hope a bargain presents itself.  Don't have huge funds available, business just getting going.