Green Dog Walkers.

Just signed up to MHDC Green Dog Walkers campaign. Very good idea in my book. I always carry lots poo bags with me obviously and offer people some if they forget theirs or run out, which can happen quite often. Cleaning up after your dog is part and parcel of dog ownership.  If you are not prepared to clean up then think twice about owning a dog.  Think about it, if we all left it then you'd be knee deep before you know it. As the campaign says: leave only paw prints on your walk. To be fair, as usual, it is the minority who spoil it for majority who get vilified and tarred with the same brush.  We need more of the wonderful invention at West Malvern, poo burning lamp, fab idea and popular already despite being up and running for a short time. And yes, the dogs do sneak them out the minute your backs turned! Accidents do happen,  vigilance at all times, rather than powering along chatting on your phone, you need eyes in the back of your head sometimes, haha.

Lets hope the Green Walkers campaign is successful and will encourage everybody to clean up and we all can enjoy the same space without treading in unwanted poops. Fingers crossed.