Coming up to 5 years!

Well, I can't believe it. In a couple of weeks it will be 5 years that I made the decision to turn my dog walking into a professional business.

I made tentative steps at first, incorporating dog walking with my other work at the time.  Soon, I realised that I had made the right decision and couldn't wait until I had enough dogs on my books to justify leaving my other job.  Well, that came within a couple of months as I had enquiries that I couldn't turn down.  With my excellent website up and running quite quickly courtesy of Richard@latech, advertising on my old car and word of mouth I soon found myself walking dogs full-time.

It has been fast and furious at times, always a learning process and thoroughly enjoyable. The dogs are all individuals and wonderful to get to know over the years. Many of which I am still walking now.  At one point I had to declare that I was full and couldn't take on any more dogs, which made me sad as I hate to turn down any dogs and their owners. My husband, Simon, helped me when he was on school hols and enjoyed the walks and dogs as much as I did. This led him to make the decision to join the business too.  As a result, we are able to increase the doggie clients and no more turning people away.  Not only does Simon walk the dogs he takes fab photos of them having fun too, as he is a talented photographer, just take a look at my Gallery and see for yourself.